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BioMensio is built on international research programs and has intellectual property of more than 15 patent families. The company’s product is a handheld reader and diagnostics-as-a-service application that can detect the presence of drugs in saliva within minutes. This is especially useful in point-of-need analytics in food safety or drug testing.

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Business challenges

BioMensio’s handheld readers and fluid cartridges quickly analyze human saliva for illicit drugs. Users first load a fluid cartridge with the test sample and the application detects illicit drugs or other substances. Results are then securely stored to theBioMensio analytics database for easy data access. This allows, for example, law enforcementto test suspects on the spot rather than sending test samples to external laboratories. Of course, the entries are anonymized statistics of different variables such as location, drugs, person, etc. One of the business challengesisto create a system that will securely store data and provide user management solutions. This data is also exchanged with legacy customer information systems. Sensitive data is shared only with therestricted group of users.

Technology challenges

The biggest challenge is securely storing sensitive laboratory data. The solution has to meet very high security standards.

Project goal

Our goal was to develop a system where the company’s devices upload data automatically to the BioMensio data management system. This data must be kept securely but also must be easily accessible for the analysis.

Services provided

Espeo prepared the documentation of the administration panel and application prototype. The architecture had to be well thought out in terms of data security, the ability to connect with other systems, as well as the feature of downloading data from onsite devices.


We delivered

Consulting / Advisory


Agile project management

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