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AdTech company is the world’s first open, fully transparent automated marketplace for advertising software. The company provides a system for advertisers and content creators to fairly and transparently buy and sell advertising.

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Business challenges

The challenge has been to take over an existing system and accommodate a rapidly increasing user base and transaction volume while also delivering new features to further drive growth.

Technology challenges

Ad tech comapny was an application hosted on a single AWS instance when we got the project. The tech stack was simple but it wasn’t the best choice to deliver high-quality features that could conquer the advertising market. We managed to solve the issues by splitting the monolith into multiple microservices as docker containers. We decided to use different tools and we chose each as the best fit for one specific problem. We managed to improve UX along with overall system performance by introducing queues and asynchronous operations. In order to maintain the system stability and high availability, we introduced automated tests which were then used in zero downtime deployment process.

Project goal

AdTech company needed a performance exchange technology that allows their clients to purchase performance-based traffic faster, easier, and more cost-efficiently -- all while having control of the processes and access to full insights.

Services provided

Espeo transformed the system into a successful and scalable white label solution. Furthermore, we divided the existing application into microservices that we scaled horizontally. This was to answer the demand for ever-growing performance levels.


We delivered

Software development


Agile project management

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