30 Angular questions that help you get hired by Espeo

30 Angular questions that help you get hired by Espeo

As a company we decided to share our recruitment questions for projects written in the Angular. We assume that better is to share with you what to expect in our projects. All of the following points are strictly related to our code, there are no questions that we invented.

  1. Difference between ChangeDetectionStrategy OnPush vs Default
  2. Difference between ViewEncapsulation Emulated vs None
  3. In the Component Lifecycle what being executed first: ngOnChanges or ngOnInit
  4. Give correct order of Component Lifecycle
  5. What is TemplateOutlet
  6. What $implicit means in the TemplateOutlet
  7. Difference between ElementRef vs TemplateRef
  8. Could you describe what Ngrx Effects means
  9. What Renderer2 means. Could you describe it a bit
  10. Angular forms – what parent means
  11. Difference between ng-template vs ng-container
  12. What is interceptor
  13. :host ::ng-deep could you describe what is it
  14. SharedModule – what is it
  15. When you build NgModule what is difference between import, export, declaration
  16. Sinon spy vs stub – what is the difference
  17. What semver means
  18. Do you use Docker on a frontend? What for, describe it a bit
  19. Do you use CI (Travis, Jenkins)? What for, describe it a bit
  20. Mutable vs immutable could you tell a main difference
  21. Dependencies vs peerDependencies vs devDependencies
  22. RxJS – could you describe pipe, zip, scan
  23. RxJS – throttle vs debounce
  24. Can you configure Webpack
  25. PWA – what is it
  26. Do you use PWA, what for
  27. What tree-shaking means
  28. Have you ever used JS profiler, could you describe it
  29. Could you describe any angularCompilerOptions you use
  30. Do you use any other tslint rules not included by default in the project

See also our previous blog post 30 Angular and TS tricks and tips that will improve your application.

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