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We deliver blockchain development services and consulting helping enterprises implement and utilize blockchain technology to gain competitive advantage and improve internal operations.

Our expertise

We decided to launch the Espeo Blockchain brand to guide organizations to a decentralized future as our blockchain development  and  consulting expertise deserve to be more than just a technology.

From smart contracts and tokenomics to dapps – our clients from various industries such as real estate, healthcare and fintech leverage our expertise. We specialize in Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source tool to manage trustworthy and transparent records across your organization.



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Expert knowledge and blockchain skills

Among others, one of the biggest challenges for CoinTracking founder, Dario Kachel, was to find skilled developers with expertise in cryptocurrencies. A trustworthy and reliable IT partner was needed to undertake changes to further develop the web-based platform. Watch the interview and find out how working with Espeo helped.

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Validate your business idea with us


We analyze your business and processes to be certain that blockchain is your best choice before you start wasting money and time.
Convince your team
As blockchain is still a fairly new technology, we know that sometimes our clients need help to convince other stakeholders – we're happy to do so!

We offer blockchain for business trainings to bring your company up to speed with this technology.

When everything is sorted out, we start our development process.
Testing and maintenance
To make sure that your blockchain solution runs smooth and bug-free, we offer our testing and maintenance services.

We love to share our knowledge

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What blockchain can do for our clients

Greater transparency
Increased efficiency
Better security
Improved traceability

Meet the expert

With his more than 15 years of experience in the domestic and international IT industry, Marcin specializes since more than five years in blockchain technology.

"My participation as a speaker in many blockchain conferences throughout Europe helps me to stay on top of market trends and challenges."

Furthermore, Marcin is the Co-founder of the Polish Blockchain Association that hosts the biggest blockchain and business-focused meetups in Poland. He is An active member of the Polish blockchain scene and works as an advisor, expert and thought leader. With his insights and understanding, he is the right person for helping companies getting the most out of this innovative technology.

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