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blockchain development services

We’re your guide to a decentralized future

Espeo Blockchain is a qualified team of blockchain developers and experts ready to implement your custom solutions

We produce results quickly and efficiently, but we never compromise on quality. With senior blockchain developers, testers and experienced project management on board, you’re bound to get the most out of this profit-generating technology.

Interested in your own distributed application, blockchain consulting, or would you like to launch an STO?


We’re here to help you launch your STO, from the whitepaper to the Ethereum token.

Our experience in creating Ethereum smart contracts has already helped international projects gather thousands of dollars.

  • Smart contract development
  • Technical feasibility study
  • KYC compliance services
  • Auditing
  • Providing a technical team

Blockchain Lab

Espeo's blockchain developers and consultants will walk you through creating your blockchain product.

First, we'll provide consulting, then, we'll proceed with blockchain development, building the prototype. The next steps will take you towards your own decentralized platform or dApp. We'll also train your team!

  • Product feasibility study
  • Prototyping
  • Final product development
  • Auditing
  • MVP development

What our clients say

"Espeo has been great throughout our project. Very responsive, quick execution and always available for quick tasks and clarifications. I would definitely use them for other projects."
Vaibhav Kadikar, Founder of CloseCross
"Espeo's development on our project has been smooth and efficient, with great work attitude and ethic from their developers and consultants."
Jonathan Loi, Level01
"Their communication is exceptionally responsive and effortless. They speak fluent English and attend to every question."
Aulis Flod, Project Coordinator, Ensto Oy
"Our experience has been excellent (...) I'm most impressed by the team's project management and communication skills. Espeo Software definitely has the passion to get things done."
Melissa Christian, Ecommerce Business Manager, Guardian News & Media

Recent work

Start your blockchain project today

Whether it’s a revolutionary STO or an innovative blockchain product, we can help you build it. We’d like to hear all about your project - let’s start talking!
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Well-established smart contract platform with a vibrant community. It’s a public blockchain that allows for building decentralized applications as well as fundraising using Ether – a popular cryptocurrency. As our clients know, it makes launching an STO possible.


The most widely used framework for Ethereum developers, Truffle is a tool for dependency management, building and testing smart contracts. Dubbed the ‘Ethereum Swiss Army knife’, it greatly simplifies a blockchain developer’s life.


JavaScript is a comfortable language which allows for quick development of concise and reusable unit test code. We believe no line of code should go untested – especially if you’re dealing with an Ethereum smart contract, since the bugs can’t be fixed once the code goes live.


The current power behind blockchain development: it’s the most mature Ethereum smart contracts programming language, with a syntax similar to that of JavaScript. Allows us to incorporate OpenZeppelin smart contracts as base for our code.

Open Zeppelin

A tested and trusted framework for our contracts that adheres to security best practices. Zeppelin-Solidity is written in the Solidity language, used by our blockchain developers.